It all started in 2002, Miftakul Arif our founder made his first professional debut by establishing Three Chords Systems serving the creative industry with audio rental services and production. Thousands of events were served through this proud brand until 2009. In 2009 is the next stage where Flash Communications was established, known as Flashcommevent. This company provides several services focuses such as : BTL activation, special events, concerts, and production. The company is growing very rapidly and serves several industries ranging from FMCG, automotive, banking, start up, government and several other strategic industries.

Continuing growth of Flashcommevent , an ideas to form Threego Indonesia was established in 2018 by Miftakul Arif and Erlin Widya S, in order to realize an integrated business ecosystem in the creative industry in the form of a group business. Threego Indonesia develop this Creative ecosystem as a form of prospering people who are full of passion and perseverance so that they become a business that contributes to many people.

Threego Indonesia provides the most complete and best service in terms of every step in its role in the Indonesian Creative Industry which continues to grow rapidly both in terms of ideas and technology. With a comprehensive collaboration scheme that places balance, togetherness, and kinship in running a business, Threego Indonesia is an inseparable part of building a modern Indonesian Creative industry that upholds professionalism.

The Holding

Trigo Bersama Indonesia is a holding company that was created to be leading integrated event solutions business group. Exponentialy growth by leading more than 100 creative brands. Our aims to create creative businesses that open up opportunities for employment, so that creativity wrapped in high professionalism will produce a sustainable business.

Integration is a keyword in our services, In providing the best quality we provide a service that is well integrated. We dare to declare as a game changer. We excel in terms of service that not only prioritizes the quality of goods but also the quality of human resources.

Threego Indonesia founded in 2018 with the goal of being a pioneer in integrated event solutions in Indonesia. Starting from creative concept, event management, activation, technical, custom production, production house, logistics, manpower, documentation it will be the initial business unit that will continue to develop more fully in the future.